Mr satan

mr satan

Mr Satan his full name Hercule is a dragon ball z character hercule is a martial arts champion which is weird because he is extermely weak however he proably won mainly because the z fighters were not on planet earth during that timehis power level is under 10 mainly because he caint survive a gun shot when goku when he was a kid could survive gun shots and hercule caint meaning his power level is proably 6-9 since he is stronger then the average human.He has a daughter videl who is stronger then him.He also has a dog named bee who is pretty cool as the old kai would say i feel bad for the dog i agree the old kai is awesome and right.And his best friend is majin buu.Mr satan has a big mouth and is very annoying he lied and said he beat cell however cell beat him with a single flick that sent mr satan flying mr satan is a wimp.