Leave My Daddy Alone!
Leave my Daddy Alone!!

Leave my Daddy Alone!!

Alternate names Don't Harm My Daddy!

Super Headbutt You Hurt My Daddy!

Debut "Gohan's Rage"
Inventor Gohan
Users Gohan
Class Physical
Color Red Orange and Yellow
Similar techniques Assault!


Leave My Daddy Alone! (お父さんをいじめるな) is a rush attack used and invented by Gohan. First, Gohan gets angry and says, "Don't hurt my..." as he charges a fiery reddish-orange aura around his body. Then, he shouts, "...Daddy!" and charges at the opponent using the yellowish aura as a shield, inflicting a high amount of damage. Gohan used this attack during the battle against Raditz. Hearing his father's screams of pain at the hands of Raditz, Gohan exploded with rage and broke free of the Saiyan spacepod he was held captive in. Raditz became more suprised when he read on his scouter that Gohan's power level was 1,307, substantially higher than that of Goku's or Piccolo's. Gohan angrily charged at Raditz with the "Leave My Daddy Alone!" rush, breaking his Saiyan armor and seriously injuring him. "Leave My Daddy Alone!" was named in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, where it is one of Kid Gohan's Super Attacks.