Garlic Jr.
Garlic jr

Garlic Jr

ガーリック・ジュニアGaarikku Jyunia
Anime name Garlic Jr.
Debut Dead Zone
Race Makyan

Garlic jr is a major super villain and a makyan garlic's father was imprisoned by the name less namek whom he competed with as guadrdin of earth mainly because garlic's father garlic was evil and tryed to take over earth when he wasint chosen as guardian .Garlic is a very power full villain he can turn super big and becomes super garlic junior.All of his hench men for some reason have names which involve food such as ginger spice vinegar and mustard with the acception of nicky.Garlic jr made his first appearance in the dragon ball movie Dead Zone as the main villain he returned later on in the Garlic Jr saga as the main super villain.


  • "That little pimple of a shield is going to pop and the three of you are going to ooze into the Dead Zone like the pus that you are!" — "Brief Chance for Victory"

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