Future Piccolo
Future Piccolo

Future Piccolo


Manga: Anime: The History of Trunks



Date of birth

May 9th, Age 753

Date of death

May 10th, Age 767 (Alternative Timeline)


Piccolo (Alternate timeline counterpart)

Katas (Grandfather)

Nameless Namek (Father before splitting into two)

King Piccolo (Father/Incarnation)

Kami (Father/Good Counterpart)Unnamed offspring (Brothers)

Piano (Brother)

Gohan (Student / Surrogate Son)

Future Piccolo, or Piccolo of the Future (未来のピッコロ; Mirai no Pikkoro), is an Alternate timeline counterpart of Piccolo that lived in Future Trunks timeline. He is seen in the prologue during The History of Trunks and in a flashback during the Dragon Ball Z episode "Free the Future".

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the other Future Z Fighters, Future Piccolo's death did not vary between the TV special and Future Trunks' flashback. In both, he is killed when #18 delivers a swift kick to his chest.
  • Future Piccolo was considerably weaker than his present timeline counterpart at the time of his death as he did not spend three years training for the Androids' arrival and he also never fused with Kami before dying.
  • Future Piccolo died the day after his 14th birthday (Piccolo ages differently, possibly due to being a reincarnation).