Anime name Cooler
Alternate names Prince Coola

Prince Cooler Coola Koola Kooler Kuura Koula Coula Lord Cooler Galactic Overlord Cooler Emperor Cooler Coola-sama

Debut Cooler's Revenge
Appears in Cooler's Revenge

Return of Cooler

Race Unknown
Date of death Approximately 766 - 767 Age
Allegiance Planet Trade Organization (Role Unsubstantiated, ??? - c. 766 - 767 Age

Cooler (クウラ Kūra, Coola) is the main villain in the fifth and sixth movies of the anime Dragon Ball Z. He is the older brother of Frieza, and the eldest son of King Cold. Like the rest of his family, he is also shown to be involved in the Planet Trade Organization, although he does not appear to work closely with his family. He also leads his own squadron of warriors, and employs a variety of soldiers used as grunts. Much like his brother, he can push his body through transformations to increase his power. Although only two forms are seen (the last two), it is stated in the fifth film that Cooler possesses the same number of forms Frieza does, as well as a fifth and more powerful form, which he uses to combat Goku. Also like his brother, Cooler gains a bio mechanical final form, but is gained from merging with the Big Gete Star. Cooler was designed by Akira Toriyama, the original manga author, for Toei's theatrical production (and later adapted as needed for future appearances). Toriyama's designs can be seen in Dragon Ball Daizenshuu #6.

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